Thursday, September 8, 2011


Tomorrow I will start packing again. It will be the sixth time since we left the west coast. The home I still think of as home. The home I compare our new homes against, and subsequently find our new homes lacking. Six times have I constructed boxes and filled them with my ever changing wardrobe. Six times have I sworn to give up my habit of shopping. Unfortunately my habit is also my therapy. To relieve the desire to shop, I can only shop. It is not purely fact, there are other methods to quell my fabriced soul...but none so readily available nor so familiar as a well stocked sale rack of shoes, size 8. And so for the sixth time I will tape over my possessions with hope of a large closet. Hopes of new friends, new favorite eateries, new tree-lined streets to welcome us for evening strolls. Hopes of a new home.