Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alternative reality

Bouncing through the street, calmly with grace. A smooth rhythm, a soft rhythm, happy. Persistent, assured. Fearless, but not for bravery. Fearless for the lack of fear, the ignorance to danger. The lack of danger.

A dancer does not walk through life. A musician does not think in words. An artist does not experience emotions. These people dance, they feel, they float and fly and soar. Their heartbeats increase with the music, their blood pumps with the beat. The eyes catch the glistening of diamonds in light. Every sunset is new and immeasurably beautiful. Scenes of everyday life strike chords of sorrow and exhilaration where others see simple chores. A painter despairs at his best work knowing it will never be as awe inspiring as what he holds in his mind. In his heart. In his soul.

A new song plays.

Sauntering by, dragging her feet just slightly. As though they are forgotten, as though they are no longer needed. Drifting with little direction. The course decided by the wind. A heart so sold to love it is as good as broken.

Tears are common in these eyes. To feel more truly, more strongly and purely. To feel more. Tears are unavoidable, an obvious debt for the beauty these eyes behold. To love quickly is to lose quickly. A heart grows stronger with each break, the scars leaving it exposed to feel the next beat stronger than the last. With each break, the heart is more fragile and, in exchange, more valuable. Experience begets wisdom. With each break, this heart becomes improved.

A new song plays.

Long strides, abrupt and confident. A commanding form. Fearless not for the sake of ignorance but for strength. For cunning, and power, and agility. A simple feeling, but an overwhelming one.

The monster is a myth. A fable. A child's rhyme. The hero is a trumpet or violin or piano chord in C major. The monster is a villain. The monster is scared, the hero is steady. The hero is real, the hero is in us all. The dancer, the singer, the artist. The hero is in music, in numbers, in machines and books and each other. The hero is your strength and you are the hero when you are strong.