Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parked (and have to pee!)

Sitting in the parking garage of ORD for 2 hours with one hour to go (have to pee!!) with a sleeping toddler lightly snoring in the backseat (CAN'T go pee!!!) stalking my husbands plane on FlightAware realizing I really need to find pilot wives in my area if only to have someone actually understand why I would give myself a bladder infection (cause I have to PEE) just to see my husband for an extra night. (btw, I don't just hang out in garages for fun. My son and I flew in today because the flights tomorrow were oversold. No big deal, by the time I got the bags and the car from the offsite airport parking, hubs would have landed and be released, right? Oh, his last trip was to and back from Newark? Crap. And now I have to pee so badly if I could just find a dark spot in this garage and that drug-sniffing German Shepard weren't walking around with his cop friend, that Starbucks cup would definitely be full and not with caffeinated goodness. Which I also need right now.)

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