Monday, December 7, 2009

Not enough.

So the douche that killed Dallas was sentenced today. He only got 9 years in prison. 5 if he's on good behavior... It doesn't seem like enough. Dallas was such a vibrant, fun person that was so full of life and he cared so much about other people. To be killed by a drunk ass man who just left him there... I mean, the dude fled the country to avoid getting caught! That should have a huge punishment in it's self! And yet he only has to serve 5 years for sure....

It's just not enough.

I was hoping that after he was sentenced, I'd feel some sort of relief. I was hoping my heart would feel a little bit lighter. But instead, I feel empty and heart broken again. It's not fair. It's easy to be angry and wish horrible things would happen to that man. And believe me, I'm really wishing right now. But it's not going to fix anything. So my heart is heavy and there are tears in my eyes from the anger and disappointment I feel.

The US justice system has failed again. The man is a murderer. He stole someone's life. A life that would have been full of love and happiness and family and friends. My heart hurts all over again from the injustice.

But the injustice isn't as bad as it could be. At least the man is losing years from his life. He won't get to see his kids graduate from high school or be able to teach them how to drive. I take comfort in the fact that he'll miss a lot. But it's nothing compared to what Dallas' family will miss. What his friends will miss.

My heart is breaking all over again. It's just not enough. I don't feel relieved. I'm not happy. I don't feel like anything was won. We still lose, no matter what the situation is. Not only do we lose, but the world loses.

No matter what, it's just not enough.

RIP Ryan Dallas Cook. I love you.

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