Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the reason i hate walks/runs/athletic events for a "cause"

so i know this is probably a horribly unpopular opinion to have cause so many people are touched by all the efforts and energies put into such events, but walks and runs and various sports events for causes are completely retarded. and by that I mean they're pointless. Yes, they raise money, and yes they grow "awareness" of aids/cancer/restless leg syndrome and yes they make all the participants feel all warm and fuzzy for giving their time walking/running/playing in a uber boring softball game. BUT wouldn't all that time energy and money be put to a better use by actually helping people afflicted with aids/cancer/restless leg syndrome? like, i dunno, doing their laundry, cleaning their houses, driving them to their doctors appointments? so instead of raising money to run around a track like high school PE students, how about doing something useful. have you ever met anyone undergoing cancer treatment? they're tired, exhausted. and they get nauseous, shouldn't be driving. maybe you don't like the idea of hanging out with sick people, i understand, they're all pathetic and sickly, but when you've got the flu do you wanna wonder through a grocery store for an hour? how about raising money for their groceries and then delivering to their kitchens. or going a step further and making them meals they can easily heat up. but if you're so attached to walking, what about walking their dogs? i'm sure those poor pups don't get out as much as they did before their humans had to visit the hospital every other day.


just gimme a break with your walks and your runs and boring softball games.

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