Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To do list.

I've got that feeling again. The feeling you get when you need to make a change in your life. I usually always have it to some degree but right now, the feeling is very very strong.

Things to do this year.

  • Meet a goal weight of 135. It's only 15lbs lighter than I am now. It should be do-able. Maintaining it will be the difficult part.
  • Start jogging. It will help me meet my goal weight.
  • Start making an effort to look nice. I'm always too lazy in the morning to do make-up, hair and wear nice clothes. Thats why I live in jeans and tee-shirts. This must be fixed.
  • Stop being so lazy. There's no reason to be as lazy as I am. It's just laziness that makes me lazy.
  • No cutting my hair. Like, ever again. I want my hair to be long and healthy and beautiful. No more short hair for this girl. No more giving in to the urge to have a mohawk. I do not look cute like that.
  • Go out more. This will be helped by a new lack of laziness.
  • Make more friends. So I have lots of people to go out with.
  • Dance dance dance. This is already in motion and it feels really really good.
  • Don't spend so much time at my parents' house. It makes me depressed.
  • Meet the man of my dreams. I will have met him by the end of 2010. I'm hoping to make this a reality sooner rather than later. If only things didn't keep getting in the way...
  • Do 50 push-ups a day. I need higher, firmer boobies and some sexy arms.

More will be added to this list. But it's a good one so far. Hopefully I'll be able to check some of these off soon. I really want to look good and feel better. I'm tired of being a lonely, mopey slob. It needs to change. I need to change.

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