Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As the date stamp says, I wrote this before we started this wonderful blog.

Adventure. It's what my life is right now. In the middle of making a new life in a new place and a new version of my beloved husband. But adventure takes time to become excitement, and currently adventure is boring. I am on pause...waiting for the next leg of this adventure to begin, or rather, continue. Insomnia is apparently part of adventure, and it increases slowly to overtake the night in whole. The internal clock is anxious to reset it's alarm, when my body and mind require the proper amount of rest to recover from the day's excursions. Until it resets, it shall continue to buzz quietly in the shadows ever so slightly...like the content purr of a well kept house cat. It is boring, this lul in my adventure. It is also lonely, though not in the sad sense. Lonely in that I am alone for this leg. Surrounded by family, but not with my fellow traveler and so I am alone. Friends seem pointless to attempt, as though they would come with an expiration date. They would do little to quell my feeling of solitude, as they will not join me either. I am left to plan my next move, and I plan it well. For it is all I do these late nights and earlier mornings. I plan.

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