Sunday, September 27, 2009


A week ago I had three months to prepare. Now, I have a few days. There's not that much to do, but it feels as though I don't have any idea where to start. To find a place to live is intimidating enough but then to not be able to see it before we call it home is overwhelming. To not have a job or sufficient income before calling a new city home is overwhelming. Having no friends or even acquaintances jumping into a new community is overwhelming. But not really. Laying it out like that, it seems simple. Find a place, get a job, make friends. It's easy. It's been done before. It was done before the interwebs gave us all these wonderful resources (I really can't imagine living in that world). My parents looked through the yellow pages under "Apartments" for their first place. Unthinkable. I have And looking for a new job is easier than ever with so many businesses listing openings on their own websites. All that's left is meeting new people, and though you could say it's easy to do online, it's also kinda creepy so we'll just have to leave that to the old fashion way and do it in person. Though, I am able to find nearby hockey rinks and music venues to aide in the chances of meeting people that I have stuff in common with. So, it turns out this awkward feeling in my stomach isn't being overwhelmed: it's being excited. I just misunderstood the butterflies.

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