Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Dance. It'll Be Ok.

I'm officially declaring it. I'm in love with dancing. I've always been that girl that stands on the sidelines, watching everyone else have fun; secretly itching inside to get out there with them but terrified of being judged. I've always been afraid of looking spastic and uncoordinated. What I really needed was encouragement and training. Now that I'm in a class, I'm letting go of the fears and inhibitions. I don't know what'll happen outside of that classroom when the opportunity of dance presents itself. But I know inside of that room with the wall of mirrors, I'm so excited and eager to learn. I don't care what the other ladies think. But none of them are negative towards my lack of experience. They're all eager to give me pointers and encouragement. That helps me more than they'll ever know. Not only am I killing one of my biggest fears but I'm discovering a passion and feeding a need I've had for a long time. My body has always itched to dance. I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my body. I'm aware of every part of it. I'm aware of how I hold myself. I'm aware of my shit posture. I'm aware of my heavy, stomping feet. I'm even aware of the placement of my fingers and toes. My body is getting toned and less squashy. My muscles are getting to move again which is something they were lacking and missing. I feel happier, less negative. I will always be a negative person but at least I'm positive about it. But this is something I'm starting to get the hang of. At least it feels like I am. I'm trying to keep "I can't do that" out of my mind and mouth in the class. It's helping a lot. I never knew this could be something I'd love so much. I'm eager to try other styles of dance and take more classes. Who knew that a passion could form for something that I "knew" I couldn't do? I just needed to give it a chance. It's something I'd highly recommend.

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  1. You make me wanna find a dance class to join myself....I've always felt like you used to feel but never thought I could change. Also, that song is now stuck in my head.