Tuesday, October 13, 2009

red head with a tan

I wrote this in April '09 when everything was being put in motion to start my big life altering adventure.

I don't tan. I don't burn (ok I do but not like typical pale red heads that can't go outside without SPF 200). I freckle. Alot. When I was a little girl I wanted all my freckles to join together and cover me completely in a nice dark tan like my mom and brothers always had...I think it will happen this year. I've already got a strong army of dots forming from spring snowboarding trips and Santa cruz weekends, and I'll only be adding to their numbers as I approach my very sunny future...summer this year promises days out on the porch and fall in Florida is pretty much like summer in Florida. Florida. I never thought I'd want to be in Florida. I never thought I wouldn't want to me in Florida. I just never thought of Florida at all. And now I can't hardly wait to be in Florida. Or maybe I can't hardly wait to not be here. Stuck. Unmoved by anything that tried to rip me away, or sweep me up. I've always wanted to go, but part of me would think it through and realize the adventure wasn't adventurous, it was a way to escape. But it would escaping to the same. Not something new, not something adventurous. But Florida, with a small rehab stay in new york. Florida is something new. Florida is adventurous.

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