Monday, October 26, 2009

Saves the moment.

Some days are just horrible. You hate your job. You hate your home. You hate your responsibility. You hate your lack of money. You hate your lack of social life. You hate not having someone there for you. You hate being alone. You feel like the most negative, hateful person in the world. You'd give anything to quit your life and move away and start a new one where no one knows you and there are zero expectations.

I'm having that day. It may be stress from the upcoming vacation. It may be the fact that I'm getting over a bad cold. It may even be hormones and PMS. Actually I'm fairly positive it's a combination of every one of these things.

I just want to scream. Everything sucks! I'm so frustrated! Fuck my life! Fuck fuck fuck!!!

And then... when the entire day seems completely lost and a waste of breath, something comes along and saves the moment.

In this case, it's a clip of the man of my dreams, dancing to the ring of his cell phone. It's so goofy and cute that it's absolutely impossible to stay in a bad mood after watching it. It's the perfect little 10 second, random thing that can just catch me so off guard that I can't help but smile and laugh.

Inside, I know I'm still stressing out and I'm still so angry and unhappy with my life. But for the moment, he's saved it and caught me off guard, making me smile. I don't know him but I'm grateful for his adorable ways and for the network that interviewed him and captured that moment and for posting it online.

The day is not lost because that adorable, oddball, goofy, random moment saved my day. He'll never even know it. But that's OK.

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